28 Days of Heart Series – And She Scores

Author: Tilly Greene

Publisher: All Romance Ebooks

Release Date: February 22, 2010

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: EBOOK

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Sports reporter Sarah Winters takes great pride in her job.  Sure it’s a little disconcerting being in a locker room full of sweaty, half naked, muscle bound football players but that comes with the territory.  Normally the interviews are impersonal and it’s easy to remain detached but this time she’s interviewing the man who broke her heart when he ended their relationship with no explanation.


It’s been a long hard road to recovery for Patrick Conway from the injury which should have ended his football career.  He never understood how Sarah could be so callous and just dump him when he needed her most.  How was he to know that his agent sabotaged his relationship with Sarah so that she never came to see him after he was carried off the field?


While Sarah’s struggling to keep their interview time strictly professional, Pat has his own agenda and fully intends to take full advantage of being in such close proximity to her.  His first words to Sarah are “I’ve missed you” which only infuriates her because according to his agent Pat no longer wanted anything to do with her.  Sarah makes it through the interview by focusing on Pat’s chin but once it’s over Pat wants to talk and the truth about their split becomes very clear.  Sarah and Pat are still very much in love with each other – or is it just lust?  In either case, Pat’s determined to overcome her self-protective barriers and prove that they belong together.  The simple fact that they live in different parts of the U.S. could be problematic but there’s nothing you can’t overcome – if you put your mind to it.  Pat’s tired of sitting on the sidelines nursing his injury and a broken heart; he’s going to use every play he knows to win Sarah back in the hope that they’ll both score.


From the very first page readers get a sense of the passion that broils between these characters and how devastated each was when their relationship ended so abruptly.  While the situation calls for professionalism and detachment and Pat and Sarah do pull off the interview itself with all the decorum it deserves, off camera they’re smoldering and there’s simply no way of denying their desire for each other.  Tilly Greene pens passion filled emotional stories that never fail to leave me sighing in longing – and hopefully they’ll affect you the same way.


AND SHE SCORES is one of the 28 Days of Heart stories which were released through All Romance Ebooks during the month of February.  All profits generated from sales of these titles will be donated to the American Heart Association to help combat the number one killer of women – heart disease.


By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne

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