Angel of Trevi
By Scarlet
Aug 21, 2007 - 11:53:18 AM


J.T. Cavanaugh has suffered a great loss that he is struggling to overcome.   With a feeling of isolation he dwells in his pain and bitterness, to the point of experiencing what he believes are hallucinations.   His dead wife has come back to lead him toward forgiveness and recovery.   She insists he return to their house on Chesapeake Bay and reach out to the young man who ran her down, Jeff Carpenter.  

Approaching the widowed mother of Jeff, J.T. requests a meeting with the boy, to which Nancy is reluctant.   Her son’s life is spinning out of control and though she is afraid of what J.T. plans to do, she finally grants permission for the meeting.   As the three individuals form relationships with each other, a healing process begins to take place and bonds grow stronger with each meeting.   Will they be able to heal past hurts and move forward to a stronger pain free life?   Only time will tell, won’t it?


An emotional journey through grief and loss to acceptance and forgiveness, ANGEL OF TREVI is a keeper in every sense of the word.   The author’s brilliant sense of description allows the reader to be swept into the pain and grief of the characters while cheering them on to a happier future.   I laughed, I cried, I was completely caught up in the lives of these admirable characters.   The appearance of Kelly throughout the book tempts this reader to truly believe in the appearance of spirits.   Sure to be a jewel in Elizabeth Owen’s crown, ANGEL OF TREVI is very easy to recommend for anyone who loves a great love story.   Bravo!

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