Virgin River, Book 9 - Angel's Peak
By Dottie
Jan 5, 2010 - 2:53:06 PM

Sean Riordan, a major in the Air Force, has four brothers.  He and his oldest brother Luke bought some cabins in Virgin River as an investment.  After fixing them up, Luke now manages them and rents them out.  Their father passed away several years ago and their deeply religious mother Maureen, a Catholic, had been strict, but loving, in raising them.  After the boys all left home to go into the military, she sold the family home and purchased a condo in Phoenix. All five boys are in the military, except Luke, who recently retired.  Two of his brothers had been in bad marriages, which soured all the brothers on marriage.

Franci had been very much in love with Sean.  She met him in Iraq when he was deployed in the F-16 and she was an Air Force flight nurse.  Though she fought the attraction, they met up again in Phoenix at Lake Air Force Base, where he was an instructor on the F-16 and she was a nurse at the base hospital.  They had dated exclusively until about four years ago when her service commitment was up and she decided to retire to civilian life.  Sean went on to Beale Air Force Base to cross-train on the U-2, a high-altitude reconnaissance aircraft or spy plane.  She had been ready for a commitment, but he was not.  Bitter, after a huge argument, they went their separate ways.  Eventually, she and her mother, a physician’s assistant, found jobs in and around Eureka and moved together.  As a flight nurse with a helicopter transport unit, she kept busy, and she bought a home in the area.  Franci also taught classes at the local university.  Living together, the two independent, single women took care of Franci’s little secret; she had given birth to Sean’s daughter Rosie.  Franci knew eventually she would have to let Sean know he had a daughter, but she wasn’t looking forward to it.  Already, Rosie wanted to know where their daddy was.


Sean went to Virgin River to be the best man for his brother Luke, who was marrying the love of his life, Shelby.  On extended leave, Sean stayed at Luke’s home.  He kept busy during the day, but felt out of place at night with the lovebirds, so he went to a bar where he could sit by the fireplace, drink a beer and look for a pretty woman.  On one such evening, several women came in together and, shocked; Sean realized that one of the women was Franci.  Suddenly, he understood why none of the other women he had dated worked out; he had been comparing them to Franci and no one measured up.  However, when she saw him, she refused to speak to him.    


Determined, he looked her up online and discovered where she lived.  Taking Luke’s advice, he started shopping in the neighborhood daily, hoping to run into her again.  Eventually, he ran into her, but it ended badly. Though he was starting to get to Franci again, she worried about how he would react when he finds out he has a young daughter.  Will he reject her, as Franci fears?  Is it too late for Sean and Franci to start anew? 


Wickedly funny and seriously sensuous, ANGEL’S PEAK, the fourteenth book in the VIRGIN RIVER series, is a delightful read.  Author Robyn Carr creates a town in this series of which readers will long to be a part.  Precocious and precious, Rosie or the Wide Iwish Rose as she refers to herself, adds humor and that awesome wonder that can only be seen through a child’s eyes.  The relationship between Sean and Franci is very intense and their feelings for each other shine through even their most bitter disagreements.  Watching Sean grow up and take responsibility was heartwarming.  Each of the books in this series allows the reader to catch up and visit with their favorite characters that live in this small town.  As I anxiously await the next book in this series, MOONLIGHT ROAD, coming out in March 2010, be sure to grab your own copy of ANGEL’S PEAK.  You will be glad you did!

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