An Eternity Springs Novel, Book 1: Angel's Rest
By Dottie
Apr 19, 2011 - 12:31:55 PM

John Gabriel ‘Gabe’ Callahan no longer wants to live after losing his wife Jen and son Matt in an accident. His life has not been easy. At one time, he had his life in Texas with his family, and then he went overseas and was forced to fight in order to survive. Finally, he had started his life over with Jen and Matt, only to lose them. Not only is he emotionally scarred; his body also carries physical scars from his time in a European prison. He has retreated to Eternity Springs to be alone in his grief.

Nicole Sullivan grew up in Eternity Springs. She had gone away to college and had met someone, fallen in love and married him. But after walking in on him and another woman in her bed, she had divorced him. Deciding to forget about men, she had returned to her home town, where she became the local vet, even treating people since the town is desperately in need of a doctor. However, with little work in the small town, Nicole fears that the town is dying. The town council has been working on a way to infuse the town with revenue, even contemplating bringing a prison to their town.

On what would have been his son’s sixth birthday, Gabe takes his gun out into the mountains, set on killing himself. But just as he is about to pull the trigger, he is tackled by a stray dog, who makes him laugh for the first time in months. Later, Gabe rescues the dog from a trap and takes him to the local vet, Nicole, who treats both the dog and Gabe, who sustained some injuries during the rescue. Although Gabe is determined not to keep the dog, it seems the dog has already adopted him.

At the town meeting, it is disclosed that the town will not be getting the prison and will have to look elsewhere for revenue for their town. Celeste, a recent addition to their town makes a speech, which inspires some of the local residents, though it leaves others puzzled. A few days later, Celeste’s home catches fire, but it is put out before extensive damage is done. Inside a broken brick wall, they discover a skeleton wearing a wedding gown and bearing thirty pieces of silver.

Celeste moves in temporarily with Nicole and decides to make some changes in her home as it is being rebuilt, turning it into a spa and healing center. She already has hot springs running by her home which can be incorporated into the spa. With Nicole’s help, Celeste gets Gabe, whom she recognizes as a well-known architect, to handle the renovations, including the repairs to her home.

Hard work is just what Gabe needs to get his mind off of his troubles. He also discovers that Nicole is awakening his libido, but he fights it all the way, avoiding her whenever he can. Nicole realizes what Gabe is doing. After all, she had withdrawn from everyone at one time until a friend had drawn her out. With the help of the healing powers of Eternity Springs, can she do the same for Gabe?

A heartwarming read, ANGEL’S REST, the first novel in author Emily March’s ETERNITY SPRINGS series, is a delightful contemporary story of love, laughter and life that you will find hard to put down until the last page is read. A passionate encounter between Gabe and Nicole results in a surprise that leaves Gabe in a quandary. In the background are Nicole’s best friends, Sarah, Ali, Sage and especially, Celeste, who collects angels and seems to be a pillar of strength and faith for the small town. Besides helping each other, the women are also intent on solving the case of the skeleton bride. Author Emily March definitely has a way with words, as is shown in her delightful banter, descriptive scenery and well-drawn characters. You will find yourself wishing this fictitious town was a real place that you could visit. As I look forward to reading the next novel in this series, HUMMINGBIRD LAKE, be sure to get your own copy of ANGEL’S REST. You won’t regret it!

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