Animal Magnetism
By Tracy Marsac
Oct 1, 2005 - 6:26:00 PM

***image4***When Ryan Matthews rings her doorbell, Hailey Tovar knows she's met him somewhere before.  Why else would he seem so familiar to her?  One look into Ryans eyes and she knows she's not alone in her feelings or sexual attraction.  What follows is a night Hailey can't forget.  The shy part of her personality was shocked at how quickly she fell into bed with Ryan and she wasn't surprised to find Ryan gone in the morning.  Still, a part of her wishes to explore a deeper relationship with Ryan and so a year after the infamous night, Hailey goes in search of answers to their almost supernatural meeting.

Ryan was just as startled by their out of control passion and his behavior that night was definitely out of the norm for him.  He's in a relationship with another woman that blows hot and cold and has kept him miserable for eight years.  When he runs into Hailey again on the anniversary of their meeting, Ryan is forced to make a decision or lose his chance with her.

Devi Sparks' story is short, sweet, and a true delight to read!  Both her characters had very human reactions to the suddenness of their affair by running in the opposite direction but fate puts them on the same path once more.  Ryan has a choice to return to his old life and an unhappy future or grab for the promise of sweeter things in Hailey's eyes.  ANIMAL MAGNETISM brought them together but love will keep them together from now on. 

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