Summersville Secrets - Annabelle Lee
By Sarah W
Nov 1, 2004 - 7:47:00 PM

Annabelle Lee is a shy and proper thirty-year-old woman. Her one semiserious relationship was back in college. After selling her childhood home, Annabelle strikes out on her own in the hopes that she can find a little adventure and perhaps even fall in love. Unfortunately, from the day she meets Mike Sloan, all she does is embarrass herself. She can't understand what he would see in her, a more voluptuous woman than the stick thin women that seem to be so popular with other men.

Mike Sloan wanted to get to know Annabelle better ever since he was first introduced to her. Her curious and caring brown eyes create a spell that he doesn't want to get out of. Mike doesn't like silly, frivolous woman and he knows that Annabelle is anything but silly. When he finally asks her out on a date, he is encouraged by her excited response, and even more encouraged by the lusty kiss they share. They share a nice meal and get to know each other better, but Mike gets a little angry when he finds out that Annabelle wants to hide any potential relationship they might have. He doesn't understand her insecurities, but figures the better they get to know each other, the more she'll forget this nonsense about wanting to hide their relationship.

Soon Annabelle and Mike are making love with an abandon that is unknown and somewhat frightening to Annabelle. Nevertheless, she's never been happier in her life. When Mike makes a move to make their relationship more permanent, will Annabelle go with the flow or will she be too afraid to realize that Mike has fallen in love with her?

ANNABELLE LEE is a touching story of a woman who wakes up to passion and a love for life for the first time ever, all due to the love of a great guy. Mike isn't afraid to show Annabelle how he truly felt, right from the get-go. He was funny, sweet, romantic, and determined to prove to Annabelle how much she means to him. I really enjoyed this story and felt N.J. Walters does an excellent job of showing Annabelle's transformation from shy librarian to warm and passionate woman.

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