Another Way Home - Chicory Inn series, book 3

Author: Deborah Raney

Publisher: Abingdon Press

Release Date: October 20, 2015

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5.0


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After three years of fertility treatments, many disappointments and thousands of dollars spent, Danae Brooks and her husband Dallas have still been unable to conceive. All she wants is a baby of her own, just like her sisters have. Her husband is so frustrated that he doesn't attend the treatments with her like he once did. Each time she thinks this time it will work, she always ends up disappointed and no one can even tell her why she is unable to get pregnant. The weekly dinners with her family are the worst since her sisters are always there with all their children. Her deep despair over the situation has her even questioning God's plans for her life.

Dallas wants children too, but if it doesn't happen he will still be content. However, with Danae's obsession over babies, he is beginning to believe that he isn't enough for her anymore. The whole thing is leaving him drained. The fights and walking on eggshells around each other are ruining their marriage. She has even brought up the idea of adoption a time or two, but having experienced adoption himself when he was much younger, Dallas wants no part of it. Aware that being home so much is only providing Danae more time to dwell on their childless situation, he suggests that she find a job or do volunteer work. But he never expects his wife to volunteer at a women's shelter and put herself in danger.

As Danae works at the shelter and gets to know the hurting women there, things begin to turn around for her. She even begins to feel some gratitude for her life and realizes just how blessed she is to have her husband. But then, as devastating events unfold one Thanksgiving weekend, everything changes as one of the women from the shelter asks Danae to keep her son for the weekend. While Danae and Dallas take care of the boy, they find themselves falling in love with him and seeking God's plan for them and their lives. Will these events strengthen their marriage or destroy it?

A thought provoking read, ANOTHER WAY HOME, the third book in award winning author Deborah Raney's CHICORY INN series, is a heartwarming Christian romance that will plunder your emotions. Even after finishing this story, readers will find it hard to put it out of their minds. Ms. Rand does an admirable job of bringing her characters to life as she portrays Dana's desperation for a child and the ups and downs, plus uncertainty, of going through the fertility treatments, having hope one moment only to have it dashed the next. Her sisters, who have no problem conceiving, feel for her and do all they can to keep from giving her even more heartache as one after another becomes pregnant. Dallas is trying to be supportive, but he is reaching the end of his patience.

Domestic violence, infertility, adoption, life's challenges, believable characters, realistic situations, God's plans for our lives, family dynamics and love combine to give readers an unforgettable story. The issue of infertility is dealt with in a realistic manner and at times, this emotion-packed tale is absolutely heartbreaking. An inspiring novel, it is sure to touch the hearts of its readers!

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Dottie

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