Another Cave Creek Cowboy
By Chrissy Dionne
Aug 1, 2005 - 1:20:00 AM

Alicia Moore has been in love with Brett for ten long years. Now at the age of twenty-four, her life’s become one big mess. Her mother is in the county lockup for prostitution and she’s been busted by Brett’s best friend, Ridge, indulging in a threesome. With the threat of Ridge tattling on her hanging over her head, she knows she must tell Brett about her indiscretion and then she’d lose any chance to be with the one man that holds her heart.

Brett Coleman has boarded Alicia’s horses for the rodeo for the past four years. He has no idea of her interest in him, in fact, he has only really kissed Alicia one time, and that was when he was too intoxicated to even remember it. He’s always treated her more like a little sister. Brett’s eight years older than Alicia and has always seen her as too young and innocent for him, she’s about to show him differently. Alicia is petrified to tell Brett about the sexual episode that Ridge has caught her in. He insists that Brett needs to be told about it and she knows if she doesn’t tell Brett than Ridge will. Before she can tell him though, he invites her to their friends, Ridge and Holly’s wedding that will be taking place while they’re in Vegas for the rodeo. Alice figures Brett is going to lose any interest he may have had for her when he finds out what she’s done. When he makes the mistake of telling her that she’s too young and they’ll talk in a few years, Alicia makes the decision to show him just how wrong he is about the difference in their ages, and she intends to put the rodeo ropes to good use in order to ensure he pays attention. Will he understand though when he finds out about her sexual escapable or will this be their one and only opportunity to indulge in each other? Brit Blaise has a real winner with ANOTHER CAVE CREEK COWBOY. Alicia’s love for Brett shines through the pages and you can feel her fear at the thought of losing him. With her mother in lock up and her father unknown, her horse and Brett are the only two beings who have never let her down, losing Brett would destroy her. Brett obviously has great affection for Angela but she’s eight years younger than him and so he tries to keep his feelings hidden. For a short story, I was impressed at how quickly I became enthralled at the story or the emotional reaction I felt. It’s a story I could read over and over and not tire of and the perfect bedtime feel good story! ANOTHER CAVE CREEK COWBOY is definitely a keeper.

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