Another Chance to Love You

Author: Robin Lee Hatcher

Publisher: Steeple Hill Books

Release Date: February, 2006

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: PRINT

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As college sweethearts, Monica Fletcher had loved
Daniel Rourke deeply, but he made it clear his career aspirations were more important to him than she was.  Already having been warned not to get pregnant in order to trap him into marriage, Monica is convinced Daniel would think she planned it when she discovers she is expecting a baby.  Having no other options, she decides to leave Daniel to pursue his goals and move on with her own life.

Fast-forward eleven years, and Monica is now a Christian.  Hearing that Daniel is coming to Boise for a book-signing for his much-acclaimed novel, Monica knows the time has come to tell Daniel he's a father.  He has achieved the goals he had set for himself and is now a well-known journalist with a lucrative book deal, but Monica hopes he doesn't think she's just after his money.  She truly wants her daughter to know her father. 


Daniel is shocked to find Monica standing at the table in line with all the overly-eager women asking him to sign his book.  Many times over the past years, he had wondered what happened to her and regretted having let her go, and now here she is just as beautiful as ever.  When they meet later for coffee, Daniel is totally floored when he learns of the secret Monica has kept hidden from him for the last eleven years.


Determined to acquaint himself with his newly-found daughter, and already planning on spending three months on vacation in his Boise hometown, Daniel makes arrangements with Monica for visits with Heather.  Father and daughter become fast friends and spend a great deal of time together, and by including Monica in their outings, an affection long dormant resurfaces between Daniel and Monica.  Can they recapture the love they once felt for each other?  What will happen once Daniel needs to return to his successful and high-profile life--will Monica be able to cope with his lifestyle and the fast-paced life in Chicago?


Robin Lee Hatcher has been given the opportunity by Steeple Hill to rework her past novel, HOMETOWN GIRL, by adding a spiritual element this time around and renaming it ANOTHER CHANCE TO LOVE YOU.  Ms. Hatcher has taken a wonderful story of second chances and enhanced it to include a touch from the Master of second chances-the loving Father God.  I applaud Ms. Hatcher's efforts and count myself as one of her many fans whose hearts she has touched with her inspiring stories of love and God's grace.       

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Sherri Myers

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