Another Cougar in Town
By Donald
Mar 13, 2012 - 1:26:52 PM

Renee Gafford is a forty-something woman in need of a change. Still hurting after a bitter divorce, she's visiting her best friend Jessie down in Florida. Her girlfriend has the perfect idea for cheering her up. She is going to hook up Renee with a twenty-something stud named Adrian. There will be no commitments, just a night of consensual fun.

ANOTHER COUGAR IN TOWN is a contemporary erotic story by E. Cameron Stacy. Renee's nervousness about Jessie's proposition is very endearing. Adrian's total comfort with his sexuality soon puts Renee at her ease. Her desire for the young man reignites a sense of confidence in herself that Renee had lost during her marriage.


Renee rides that self-confidence into a number of passionate encounters with Adrian. The sex scenes are told with a pleasant intimacy and even a bit of humor. The reader gets a voyeur's seat, as it were, at Renee's discovery of her freedom. She deserves the pleasure that Adrian brings her. And the evening has more surprises in store.


The secondary characters in the story are sketched with a great deal of charm. Jessie and Adrian are confident in who they are, and both are vital to Renee's transformation. The focus of this story is on the sex, but the characters are not ignored in the process. Ms. Stacy is good at showing very real emotions in all of her characters.


In line with many works of erotica, ANOTHER COUGAR IN TOWN has a happy-enough-for-now rather than a happily-ever-after ending. But the emotions of the characters involved are portrayed with a nice sensitivity. Readers interested in a sensual older woman-younger man fantasy will want to check this one out.

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