Another Life
By Sarah W
Feb 13, 2007 - 12:46:00 PM

Mary Beth Mason is a housewife in San Francisco. She loves her soon to be fifteen year old daughter, Aurora, and her husband, Stephen, even if she feels some of the shine has gone out of their marriage.

Caroline Mason is a graphic artist and housewife living on Bainbridge Island in Washington. She loves her seven year old daughter, Jax, and her husband, Stephen. They have a good life together and will be soon celebrating their tenth wedding anniversary. Then, all hell breaks loose.


When Stephen suddenly dies in Seattle, the lives of Mary Beth and Caroline are inexplicably and forever linked because they are both the wives of Stephen. Stephen, the lying louse, was leading a double life and it is the two women, and his two children, who are going to pay the price for his sins. Angry, hurt, frustrated, and scared, Mary Beth and Caroline will have to reevaluate their lives and make many adjustments. But can Stephen’s deception ever lead to something positive?


Stephen’s betrayal and duplicity is something any reader is going to feel strongly about. It will not be hard to side with Mary Beth and Caroline as they make changes in their lives, but you will certainly be impressed by the strength from within that emerges from these two separate families. Poisonous hurt infiltrates this story early on as Mary Beth and Caroline deal with some tough financial issues and decisions about the future, but they both pull from the depths of despair a determination to start anew in the best way they know how. This story will in many ways tear you apart as easily as Stephen tore apart Mary Beth and Caroline’s lives, but the story also builds the reader up as these two women shed their pasts in order to build a better future. ANOTHER LIFE depicts the difficulties and pains of life, but it also adroitly depicts the beautiful moments, the comfortable moments, and the wonderful moments that make love and life worth all the pain in the world.

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