Another Place

Author: Sheila Holloway

Publisher: By Grace Publishing

Release Date: Available Now

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: EBOOK

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Being recently unemployed from her job at the garment factory in Sutter, Oklahoma, Susan Riley is interviewed by Bill Foster, the manager of the local In N Out convenience store and is hired as a night clerk.

Bill has been a widower for two years. He was anxious to leave his past behind him in Bentonville, Arkansas, so he grabbed the position at the convenience store as soon as it became available.   


Susan and Bill seem to be at ease with each other from the first moment they meet with Bill feeling a great need to protect and care for her.  Bill brings her dinner and is at the store each evening that she works to help her close the store and make sure she gets home safe. 


It isn’t long before they both start attending church together. Bill immediately sees the uneasiness Susan has with the folks at church.  He soon discovers that a boy Susan was dating when she was 16 was killed and she was blamed for his death by his mother.  


Susan is very excited when Bill asks her to go on a real date with him. The attraction between them grows and they both start finding themselves praying to God for his direction in their lives. Will Bill be able to place his full trust in God so he can face the fears of the financial burdens he carries for his dead wife’s medical bills?


Those feelings of protection Bill has for Susan become stronger when a man from Susan’s past walks into the store one day.  Who is he and why does he upset her so?


ANOTHER PLACE is wonderful love story. Bill and Susan soon find that in opening their hearts to God and each other, they can face any obstacle from their past or present that comes their way.  Sheila Holloway writes such a special story of love between these two lost souls that I give her a 4 Blue Ribbon Rating.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Briana Burress

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