The Guy Next Door

Author: Lori Foster, Susan Donovan, Victoria Dahl

Publisher: HQN Books

Release Date: February 22, 2011

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: EBOOK

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READY, SET, JETT by Lori Foster

Aside from her sister, Molly, Natalie’s done her level best to keep everyone at a distance.  She’s even attempted keeping her relationship with neighbor Jett completely no-strings attached.  In fact there’s no romance, no snuggling and no meaningful conversations which is just the way she intends for things to remain.  Jett isn’t interested in continuing to be Natalie’s bootie call, oh sure, he’s enjoyed their sexual encounters, but he wants more… much more – and he’s willing to do whatever necessary to ensure Natalie feels the same way about him.


Lori Foster kicks this anthology off with a fun, quirky and emotionally driven storyline.  Natalie and Jett are strong willed characters who end up going head to head in the battle for love (or at least a real relationship).  The true scope of their personalities can easily be seen in how they respond to each other and those they care for.  Lori Foster stories have long been a cornerstone of my reading library and I’m very happy to be adding this story to that ever growing pile.


Interested in finding out more about Natalie’s sister, Molly?  Then be sure to be on the lookout for WHEN YOU DARE, the first in a new trilogy.



GAIL’S GONE WILD by Susan Donovan

Spring-break is typically time for teenagers to go a little wild away from the prying eyes of parents.  At first when Gail Chapman’s daughter and her friend decide they want to spend their spring-break in Key West, Florida, she shoots the idea down with no if’s, and’s or butt’s… but after a bit of consideration she realizes that she deserves a break too.  She decides that a trip to Key West might not be out of the question if she accompanies the girls – as their chaperone.  Gail’s big concern might be the girls getting themselves into trouble but she never expected to be spending spring break going a little wild herself with Jesse Batista, the gorgeous man in the cottage next door.


Susan Donovan made me smile with this inspiring, fast paced twist on spring-break.  Gail’s overcome so much that it’s wonderful to see her cutting loose and enjoying herself – even if it is embarrassing to her own daughter.  Jesse’s good hearted but he’s experienced his own problems because of a spring-breaker who’s tried to blackmail him.  This is a wonderful story simply because it’s so unique.  I would have never thought to tag along on spring-break before but now… well, it sounds very appealing.



JUST ONE TASTE by Victoria Dahl

As the eldest of the Donovan siblings, Eric is responsible and always does the right thing – which has never bothered him before but he’s never met a woman like erotica shop owner Beth Cantrell either.  Just the fact that she mistakes him for his brother Jamie gives him a sort of license to act out of character, doesn’t it?  Beth has a thing for geeky preppy boys and all of her sexual encounters have been less than satisfactory so far so why not indulge in a little no-strings attached affair with the sexy bartender… if only things were that simple.


Victoria Dahl won me over with this story.  Eric and Beth are so focused on their goals and believe they’re only grabbing a little pleasure where the opportunity presents itself but neither of them comes away from the experience unchanged.  JUST ONE TASTE is fast paced, playful, downright sexy and at times a little sad but it’s just that combination that will keep readers coming back for more. 


Like the tasting room at the Donovan microbrewery this story gives readers a ‘tease’ of what’s to come.  If you loved the Donovan clan as much as I did I’m sure you’ll join me in anxiously awaiting Ms. Dahl’s new series including titles: GOOD GIRLS DON’T (September 2011), BAD BOYS DO (October 2011) and the rest of Beth and Eric’s story in REAL MEN WILL (November 2011).  



You might think of THE GUY NEXT DOOR as a good neighbor or friend but look beneath the surface and you could find the man of your dreams.  Each author in this anthology puts a very different spin on THE GUY NEXT DOOR but there’s no doubt that love could be closer than you think.  The stories contained in this anthology are absolutely drool-worthy - the cover alone will have you seeking an adult size bib, but it’s the authors’ zest for romance and care they take in bringing these characters to life for readers that brings a smile to my face.


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By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne

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