By Jenn L
Dec 6, 2007 - 12:59:45 PM

Deidre Nelson left home to begin her life, but she never forgot the man who sparked her hidden desires. She knew Jonas could never be hers, yet it didn’t stop her from wanting him. Staying away from the home she loved and her parents wasn’t easy, but coming home wouldn’t be easy either. When her parents decide to take a break from running their little bed and breakfast, Deidre does what every good daughter would: she comes home.

Sheriff Jonas Mendez has never forgotten the young woman that captured his attention and his heart. He never acted on the passions he felt for Deidre, and now that she’s come home the attraction is just as strong as it was when he first saw her. He wants her, he always has, but Jonas has secrets and his heart is hardened to love. Deidre may inspire his lust, but she is strictly off limits.


When danger strikes the B and B in the form of vandalism, Jonas knows he’ll do whatever it takes to protect Deidre from danger. As the danger builds, so does the ANTICIPATION. Can Jonas and Deidre fight their desires while they try to uncover a criminal, or will they finally give in?


ANTICIPATION is yet another stellar offering from the fertile mind of Patrice Michelle. She knows her cowboys, that’s a fact, but aside from her hot alpha men that make your mouth water she honestly tells fabulous stories. Well-written and plotted, ANTICIPATION is one more stunning example of Ms. Michelle’s incredible voice.


Jonas and Deidre are strong, independent and intelligent individuals who both compliment and contrast each other perfectly. The dialogue is fresh and witty and the sexual heat is set to inferno. ANTICIPATION is the kind of novel that will have you coming back again and again to revisit the characters you’ve come to love. Ms. Michelle’s ANTICIPATION was well worth the wait.

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