Any Man of Mine

Author: Rachel Gibson

Publisher: Avon

Release Date: April 26, 2011

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5


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Autumn Haven helped nurse her mother during her battle with cancer, a battle her mother lost. After the death of her mother, Autumn had taken a break, going to Vegas on vacation. It was while she was there that she met and fell in love with hockey athlete Sam. Within five days they were married in a quickie ceremony in Vegas. But when she woke up the next morning, Sam was gone. It was not long before she also discovered she was pregnant. The only family she had left was her brother, Vince, who was away in the service. So she went through her divorce alone, attended her doctor visits alone and gave birth alone. After the birth of her son Connor, she contacted Sam’s attorney and let him know that Sam was a father. In return, Sam requested a paternity test, which proved that Sam was Connor’s father. But she and Sam could not be in the same room together without arguing, so they made it a point to stay away from each other from that moment, especially after noticing three-year-old Connor’s reaction to their quarreling. Therefore, over two years went by before they saw each other again, although Sam did have visitations with Connor. However, he missed more visits than he kept. In the meantime, Autumn started her own business, planning weddings and other events.

Sam LeClaire is a hockey player on the Chinooks team, which had just won the Stanley Cup in the previous season. He had never figured he would make a worse father than his father had been. But he did love Connor. To everyone but his son, Sam’s father had been a hero. He had made time for everyone except his son. After the death of his father, he took over as the man of the house and became the father figure for his younger sister, Ella. But when she was killed, he changed.

Attending the wedding of Faith Duffy, the owner of his team, the Chinooks, and Ty Savage, one of the hockey players on the Chinooks, had been mandatory. But the last person Sam expected to see at the wedding was his ex-wife Autumn, who was the wedding planner. He has not seen her in over two years. Just as he tried to get a couple minutes to talk to her, she received a phone call. Her brother had to leave so she needed a sitter for Connor.  Sam offered to have his assistant pick him up and he could spend the night with Sam. Not thrilled about the idea, Autumn reluctantly agreed. But when Sam showed up late the next day, Autumn was furious and let him in on something he was shocked to hear. During those times he had blown off his visitations with Connor, his son had cried himself to sleep. This news tore at Sam and made him remember his own childhood. He wanted to be a better father than his own had been and determined that he would make a greater effort to spend time with his son. But spending with Connor ends up being more time spent with Autumn and Sam finds himself falling in love with the mother of his child. Can he convince her to forgive, forget and become the family she always wanted?

A delightful tale of second chances, ANY MAN OF MINE is a fun, sensual contemporary romance. Talented author Rachel Gibson brings the story to life and allows you to see both sides. I could understand why Autumn was leery of giving Sam another chance to break her heart, but when I read Sam’s part, I was rooting for her to give him another chance. Wanting to forgive him, but leery of doing so, she finds herself running hot and cold around him. The characters are realistically drawn, each with vulnerabilities that explained why they acted the way they did. As they open up their hearts to each other and talk about their pasts, they begin to see each other in a completely different light. With a compelling plot, true-to-life characters, the humor which Ms. Gibson is known for, clever repartee and tender romance, this fast paced story is one you will want to read more than once. I highly recommend ANY MAN OF MINE.

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