Any Man of Mine

Author: Rachel Gibson

Publisher: Avon

Release Date: April 26, 2011

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: PRINT

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Sam LeClaire is a star on the Seattle Chinooks hockey team. He has money, fame, and more women than he can handle. He loves women except for the woman he glimpses at his teammate’s wedding. Autumn Haven, Sam’s ex-wife, is organizing the wedding, and it is putting her in his path once again. An ill-fated marriage in Las Vegas, followed by a quickie divorce was enough to put Sam off marriage for life and to create an impenetrable wall between Sam and Autumn. But, they have a son and like it or not, they cannot pretend the other does not exist so Sam does his duty and is polite.

Autumn still aches when she thinks about Sam, the man who wooed and wowed her in Las Vegas, but then abandoned her in the hotel room. However, she has Conner and she adores her son. Though she wishes Sam was more involved with Conner, she does not expect much given how their “relationship” ended.

Sam and Autumn do not get along at all but when Autumn gives him a dressing down about his behavior regarding Conner, he takes it to heart. Will it make him a better man and perhaps heal the wounds of the past?

I always anticipate Rachel Gibson’s stories because I love the men and women who make up the lead characters. Sam and Autumn are another realistic and enjoyable pair. Sam is cocky, arrogant, and more vulnerable than he would like to be. He realizes quickly enough that he is not the dad he needs to be for Conner and he makes honest attempts to change. Autumn is a hard working mom who loves her son, enjoys her work, and tries to forget Sam and the past. She wants a clean slate for the future so when Sam starts showing more interest in Conner and begins participating more in their lives, she is confused. What does it mean? As Sam becomes more involved with Conner, he realizes all the great things about Autumn that he has been missing. Suddenly, a wild night of sin with his friends does not have the same appeal as being with Conner and Autumn. Rachel Gibson builds his character changes slowly, making his changes and steps towards a better relationship with Autumn more genuine. Autumn is not giving up her heart so easily this time around, so Sam must rely on more than his charm and good looks.

ANY MAN OF MINE is a nice story of forgiveness and family. Rachel Gibson still packs a sizzling romantic punch but Sam and Autumn have to face the past before moving forward. It is a story with heart and hope.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Sarah W

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Romance Junkies Publishing Editor: Sarah W


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