Any Place I Hang My Hat

Author: Susan Isaacs

Publisher: Pocket Star Books

Release Date: March 2007

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: PRINT

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Amy Lincoln, a political reporter for In Depth weekly, is at a political campaign party for Senator Thom Bowles. Suddenly, the party is interrupted when a young Hispanic man sneaks past security and openly declares to all at the party, that he is the son of Senator Thom Bowles. Gasp! Amy's reporter instincts kick in and she realizes this is a prime opportunity to get a good story. In Depth does not allow gossip in their magazine but this does not deter Amy from interviewing the young lad. She is captivated by his tale that he wants to make a personal connection to the man he thinks is his father. Amy can relate to this totally because her own childhood was fraught with dreams of the woman who gave birth to her.

Amy's mother abandoned her and her father when she was 10 months old. She was sent to live with her shoplifting grandma Lil. Grandma Lil might not have been the smartest person ever to walk this planet but she was loving and kind to her. Amy's father Charles, whom she calls Chicky, was a somewhat long-distance father. He made some unfortunate mistakes in his life that landed him in prison. Thus, the current events of Senator Thomas Bowles son showing up and her investigation into the senator's past spurs Amy on to find out about the mother she never knew.

Her examination into her mom's life deepens when John, Amy’s handsome boyfriend of two years, breaks up with her. He tells Amy that she held herself so emotionally aloof, that he never felt a connection with her. There was always this wall of protection she put up. Amy cries her heart out. She wonders if a future with him was ever in the picture anyway. John's parting words to her is that she needs to find out who she is rather than having another pointless relationship.

Amy resolves to talk to her father about her mom. Will Amy's reticent father reveal his feelings about his brief marriage to her mother? Amy's next plan is to locate her grandmother. She doesn't know where she is living now. What additional information will Amy discover from her grandmother Lil about the woman who gave birth to her? Amy sincerely wants to talk to her mom. Will Amy be able to locate her mom? Most importantly, will Amy find the contentment she so desperately seeks?

ANY PLACE I HANG MY HAT is a bright insightful story of fitting in, painful break-ups, and family relationships. Amy Lincoln is a smart, likable and brave woman who searches for the mother she never knew. I really like the confident, spunky, female factor she has going for her. Amy makes a name for herself by becoming a political reporter with In Depth magazine. The story of a lifetime presents itself while she is at a political campaign party. A young man declares that he is the son of the guest of honor, Senator Thom Bowles. As Amy explores the senator's past, she decides it is time to examine her own past. Amy is led on a trail of self-discovery as she uncovers details about a mother she never knew. I was reminded of how special the relationship is between parents and their children. Susan Isaacs is a wonderful storyteller. She unfolds the story deftly and masterfully reveals the closely guarded secret of Amy's past. This novel will no doubt satisfy Isaac's fans and new readers alike.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Michele

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