Anybody but Justin
By Pamela Denise
May 18, 2009 - 8:43:38 PM

Gabby had been living a good life. She had a great place to live, a great roommate, and a lot of fun trying to find Mr. Right. Gabby has been on a string of dates and enjoyed more than one night in bed with them, but never seemed to connect with any of them. Her best friend and roommate Justin, however, is becoming more attractive to her by the minute and she can’t help noticing the spark that seems to be there.

Justin has always had the reputation of being a ladies’ man and it’s a reputation he isn’t going to deny. He has had numerous women and sexual encounters, but none ever left a lasting impression on him. During the two years Gabby has been his roommate though, he has noticed the other women have become less and less appealing. She’s funny, smart, and loves sports as much or more than any of his guy friends.


Gabby and Justin are comfortable with each other and share almost everything. One night while they are hanging out at their place watching a baseball game, everything changes. They are discussing relationships and everyday stuff over a bottle of Tequila. The next thing leads to another and they find themselves sharing a hot kiss.


What happened the night before isn’t brought up by either them. The emotions that it caused to surface in Gabby are too much for her to deal with. She moves out a couple of weeks later while Justin is out of town and avoids him like the plague. Six months later she bumps into Justin however and he isn’t willing to just let things go so easily.


Justin has missed Gabby ever since she left and running into her again only confirmed that he wants much more than a friendship with her. He is determined to discuss what happened between them and move their relationship into a more intimate level. Gabby can’t deny what’s there between them, but Justin reminds her too much of old ghosts.  Will Gabby be enough for the irresistible playboy or will she end up being just another notch in his belt?


ANYBODY BUT JUSTIN was such a fun read. Shelli Stevens does a great job in bringing out emotions and developing the relationship between the hero and heroine. Although both characters have had numerous dates, it is just their way of really trying to find the one, much like real life. This is one of those books that will leave you with warm fuzzy feelings at the end.

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