Anything But Mine
By Scarlet
Apr 1, 2008 - 5:42:34 AM

Public Defender, Autry Holton and Sheriff Stanton Reed were a couple for a brief time, until he called it off.  Stanton has already suffered through one failed marriage and doesn’t think he is cut out for domestic bliss.  The night he is called to a break-in at her house, he has real fears for her safety.  She is defending an accused serial killer, putting her life in danger.

Autry is hiding a pregnancy from Stanton.  He already has kids from a former marriage, does he want another?  When there is a break–in at her home, the danger becomes all too real.  Stanton tried to warn her about defending this client, but she has no choice; either she quits and loses her job or she is ostracized by the community for carrying out her duty. When she finally reveals her pregnancy to Stanton he makes it very plain he wants her and the child, but there is still a threat to deal with and the escalating violence may destroy what they are trying to build together. 


From the onset, Stanton and Autry were characters I wanted to know more about.  Their personalities are gradually revealed, making them come to life on the page.  These are fully developed and likable individuals, real flesh and blood characters I felt an affinity for.  Emotions thicken the plot, resulting in a vivid impression of danger.  Tension builds throughout for a roller coaster ride, until the dramatic climax.  If you are a fan of romantic suspense, ANYTHING BUT MINE by Linda Winfree is well worth the time and money spent. 

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