Anything For Her Children
By Sarah W
May 5, 2008 - 12:07:22 PM

Keri Cassidy is twenty-five and she has two children, adopted teenagers Bryan and Rose Charleton. They are the most important people in her life and she will do everything in her power to ensure they are happy, so when Bryan is suddenly benched by his new basketball coach, Keri wants to know why. Coach Grady Quinlan is more than happy to tell her: Bryan is cheating at school and cheating is not allowed.

Keri knows the charges have to be bogus; after all, Bryan is always honest with her. He surely would not cheat. But Grady is convincing. He has past demons of his own and he does not want Bryan to make the same mistakes he did as a hot shot basketball player. Bryan has talent and Grady would just like to see him use it wisely. As Grady and Keri grow closer, Keri is forced to see that Grady actually has Bryan’s best interests at heart. Grady is a good man and Keri is falling for him, big time. But Bryan’s troubles are not over, nor are Grady’s. Will Keri be forced to choose between them, and risk a future without the love and laughter Grady offers?


Keri is responsible, she is smart, and she is only trying to be the best new parent she can. Dealing with two teenagers, teenagers who recently lost their mother, is tough. Bryan has the heart of a nice kid but there are definitely some sharp edges to him. Keri is unwilling to see those edges at first and it takes an outsider to open up her eyes to Bryan’s actions. Grady and Keri spar on a lot of issues, most notably Bryan, but they also start to become closer as they get to know each other. They may have differences of opinion, but they also have much in common, including a passion for life and valuing family. Grady helped Keri lighten up a bit and have more fun, while Keri helped Grady see that each situation did not have to be as dire as he initially thought. Darlene Gardner makes the obstacles between them realistic, ensuring that the road to happily-ever-after is not easy, but it is also well worth attempting. ANYTHING FOR HER CHILDREN does not shy away from the tougher issues life throws at us, rather, it shows how those tough issues can help an attraction grow stronger, against all odds. Grady and Keri will win you over in this sweet romance.

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