Anything For Sasha
By Scarlet
Feb 5, 2008 - 6:18:44 AM

At the lowest point of Sasha’s life a man walked into the diner where she works. Her life has been one of strife until Matthew came to Jasper Creek and gave her a night she couldn’t forget, in more ways than one.  When he shows up six months later to discover her secret, it puts her life and the town’s secrets in jeopardy.   Sasha can’t afford for Matthew to stick around but he doesn’t seem to understand just how dangerous it is for him and for her.


Matthew was driving aimlessly, suffering a little from “empty nest syndrome” when he happened upon the diner in a small Georgia town.   Grabbing a bite to eat brings him face-to-face with a girl he shares a drunken but unforgettable night with before he walks out the next morning.   She has haunted his dreams for the past six months and, though he feels like she is too young for him, he heads out on another road trip with his best friend West to find her again.   What he finds when they enter the diner is a young woman who is both fearful of him and very pregnant.  


Shasta, or whatever she calls herself, is keeping secrets.   Though he sees the yearning in her eyes, he also sees the fear, too.   It will take some serious intervention and a little help from his friends to uncover the cause of her fear and to gain him the love of his life.  


ANYTHING FOR SASHA by Samantha Lucas cements this author as an auto-buy for this reader from this moment on.   These are real people caught up in tragic circumstances, begging for a way to be together.   Matthew has some forgiveness to beg, from Sasha and from readers, for his idiotic actions but redeems himself through perseverance and devotion to Sasha.   An emotional connection was made immediately; I sensed an undercurrent of sadness and loneliness from both Matthew and Sasha and I wanted so badly to cheer them on as they overcame the horrendous obstacles laid in their path.   Matthew is a knight in tarnished armor, ready to do all he can to rescue the woman he loves, despite the hard work involved.   Sasha is a tragic young woman I empathized with and wanted to take under my wing like a cherished sister.   The cast of characters ranges from the most lovable to the vilest as Samantha Lucas touches the hearts of readers and invokes every range of emotion; love and sadness for Matthew and Sasha, anger and disgust at Jimmy.   ANYTHING FOR SASHA is well worth staying up half the night to finish, it is a book I recommend with no reservations.

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