Appointment at the Altar
By Chrissy Dionne
Nov 1, 2007 - 8:16:36 AM

Lucy West loves everything about her job at Wirrindago, an Australian cattle station where she’s employed as a cook and housekeeper.   She’s even in love with one of the stockman.   The arrival of her sister with the request that Lucy return to England to be at the bedside of a friend who’s in a coma means leaving it all behind.   Having to leave Australia for England is bad enough but having her antagonist Guy accompany her is almost more than she can take.

Guy Dangerfield is a successful English businessman who’s visiting his cousin at Wirrindago.   He takes great pleasure in annoying Lucy, including calling her Cinderella.   He’s perfectly aware that she fancies herself in love with Kevin but doesn’t let that deter him.   Guy senses that she’s just drifting through life and accompanying her back to England presents him with the opportunity to get to know her better and issue a challenge that she accepts.  After all, proving him wrong is a priority.


Lucy isn’t at all happy about returning to England and aside from the time she’ll spend at the hospital at Richard’s bedside she doesn’t know what she’ll do, or even where she’ll be staying.   Guy points out that she’s always counted on others to take care of the details and maybe it’s time for her to take care of herself.   Guy offers to let her stay at his place but Lucy doesn’t want to impose.   She gladly accepts Guy’s challenge to find a ‘real’ job and soon finds herself a job as a receptionist at Dangerfield & Dunn.   She discovers that she actually enjoys the job and as an added benefit, she gets to see Guy every day when he’s going to or from his office.  


Their ‘friendship’ evolves and takes on a romantic nature.   Circumstances, friends and family as well as a few well-meaning lies result in some unexpected circumstances from which they’re going to find it very difficult to extricate themselves.


After reading OUTBACK BOSS, CITY BRIDE, I couldn’t wait to find out what would happen with Meredith’s sister Lucy.   There’s so much antagonism between Lucy and Guy that I eagerly read through each new scene anticipating what would happen between them.   Jessica Hart’s APPOINTMENT AT THE ALTAR provides the perfect ending to the BRIDEGROOM BOSS duo and give readers their much desired happily ever after with a few twists and some comical situations along the way.   I’ll definitely be watching for more Jessica Hart books in the future as well as buying up some of her backlist titles.

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