April Love
By Chrissy Dionne
May 1, 2005 - 9:06:00 AM

April Brooks had been engaged for three years to Edmund Jones. She’d naively believed that he wasn’t interested in sex until she walked in on him and one of his grad students. Edmund was interested in sex, just not sex with April. He was using April to get himself published. He’d suffered writers’ block so she’d write all his articles, and he’d take the credit for them. After her aunt suffered a stroke, April had moved back to Landis Falls to take over The Rosebud, her aunt’s Bed and Breakfast. No longer engaged, April is on the prowl. She’s tired of being a twenty-eight-year-old virgin.

William Shepard is the Head Contractor at Ace Contractors. He’s also in charge of the renovations taking place at The Rosebud. Will had been married and divorced. He definitely wasn’t looking to get burned again. April remembers him as the rebel without a cause from their school days. He’d be perfect for her deflowering. April had visited Red’s Bar and Grill in an attempt to find the perfect man to aid in the loss of her virginity. She had needs that she wasn’t willing to neglect anymore. She needs a real man to make her feel like a real woman. Spotting a man she remembers as Billy, she just knows he’s the ideal candidate for the job. Will can’t figure out why April is lying to him about her real name. She’s asked him to take her to bed so he’ll let her pretend to be somebody else for now. APRIL LOVE is a charming tale sure to capture your heart. April seems to be deceiving herself with the idea that she only wanted one night, just to rid herself of her virginity. She had denied her own sexual needs the entire time she was engaged to Edmund to the point that she didn’t even know how to kiss, because she was saving herself for that one special man. She was just engaged to the wrong man. As a reformed bad boy, Will is perfect for April. He was able to tell that she was a virgin and deal with her accordingly. Honey Jans has done a wonderful job incorporating a sweet love story with some very hot sexual scenes. This is a book definitely well worth reading.

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