Arcadia Falls
By Rhea Palmer
Jun 3, 2010 - 5:40:39 PM

Meg Rosenthal and her daughter, Sally, are in mourning after the sudden death of her husband, Jude. Left financially broke, Meg takes a teaching position at Arcadia Falls in upstate New York. Hoping this will be a fresh start for both of them; Meg digs in on her research of the founding artists of the school, Vera Beecher and Lily Eberhardt. As the two get settled into the quaint cottage located on the school grounds, Meg begins her classes, and Sally begins to make new friends and hone her own artistic talents. Things seem to be going nicely until the tragic death of a student throws the whole campus into an uproar. Suddenly, things are not at all what they appear to be. As Sally pulls further away from her mother, Meg is afraid of the influence the school and its students will have on a girl who is mourning the death of her father as well as the sudden death of a new friend. As Meg digs deeper in the story of Vera Beecher and Lily Eberhardt, she discovers secrets that may have been better left undiscovered…



Carol Goodman once again keeps you in suspense until the final page. Just when you think you have the story figured out, she pulls another trick and takes you down another path. Her plot twists have you guessing until the end, and her knack of meshing ancient stories with modern-day tales is never boring. The history of a town can contain many secrets, and the desperation to keep the past quiet can drive a person to do the unimaginable.

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