By sherreechmitlin
May 1, 2006 - 8:44:00 PM

Annalisa never dreamed that the day she walked into the office of Cade McFadden to ask for his help in finding her sister, Amy, that she would be the one working for him. Finding that Cade had left his practice to turn his ranch into a place for troubled boys, Annalisa accepts a job as a cook for the ranch. Still dreaming of the day that she will get Amy back. Annalisa forges ahead. It has been seven years since Amy was taken away and Annalisa can not let go of the promise that she made, that one day she would find Amy and they would be a family.

Being at the ranch has Annalisa thinking, maybe she should have taken longer to think, before taking the job. Cooking was no problem, her growing attraction towards Cade is. She is beginning to feel at home on the ranch, something that was lost when her mother passed away and Amy was taken. With Tim, Matthew and Juan, the young boys living on the ranch, the feeling of belonging as a family is getting stronger. Cade has decided to leave his private practice and try to make a go of the ranch. Working with families, trying to locate their lost ones, Cade has seen firsthand, the harm it can cause. Sometimes it is better to allow the lost to remain lost. Cade also experienced the pleasure in watching families being reunited. The last case was the one that Cade should have left alone. He allowed himself to be talked into taking it and now he is left with unpleasant dreams that never seem to end. Meeting Annalisa, Cade knew that there was more to her than just a cook. She was hiding something and it was his job to find it. Walking into the kitchen, Cade overhears a telephone conversation. Annalisa is telling someone that she just has to convince Cade to help her find Amy. Cade now knows the real reason Annalisa is on the ranch. How could Cade convince her that the right thing to do is to allow Amy to stay with the family that had grown to love her. How would Amy feel being uprooted from the only family she has ever known? Can she take the chance of destroying her sister? Nothing Cade can say will dissuade Annalisa from finding Amy; even if she has to do it on her own. In the book "ARKANSAS", the author Christine Lynxwiler has given the reader characters that come alive. It felt like I could see the characters and feel their emotions. Sometimes in life it is hard to put aside a dream that you have carried for so long. When we allow the Lord to lead us and we put Him first, we will never be disappointed in the end results. I will look for other books by this author and will tell my friends about her. I am honored to give this outstanding author a 4 blue ribbon rating.

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