Arouse Suspicion
By Brooke Wills
Jan 1, 2005 - 4:44:00 PM

Novelist Nick Sirocco has finally finished his latest manuscript. Now he can get to work on the book he really wants to write: a police thriller. And with the help of his good friend and police officer, Paddy Hawkins, he knows it can be a huge success. When Nick checks his phone messages, he hears a cryptic one from Paddy that leaves him with a feeling of dread. It turns out the man who rescued him from a life of crime is found dead. Nick will not accept the ruling of suicide and sets out to find the truth.

Danni Hawkins had just begun mending the relationship with her father when it appeared that he'd taken his own life. Paddy had raised her on his own from the time she was a small girl. But when she became a teenager, he seemed more interested in the wayward boys at the youth center. She is devastated by his death as well as shocked and confused. The last thing she needs is Nick Sirocco, one of her father's favorites, showing up on her doorstep. It doesn't take long, however, for the handsome author to convince her that Paddy would never take his own life, regardless of what the evidence shows. His convictions are soon proven valid when 'accidents' start happening. As a former police officer turned private investigator, it is up to Danni to keep Nick safe. But who is going to protect her from the bad guys and keep her heart from falling in love with her teenage crush?
Marueen McKade has written many books, but AROUSE SUSPICION is her first venture into the romantic suspense arena. Exciting, sexy, humorous, and a real page-turner are just a few of the words that describe this terrific story. Her characters are real and strong; the story moves along at a quick pace. Congratulations to Ms. McKade on writing a wonderful book.

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