Arousing Suspicions
By Kerensa Wilson
Mar 5, 2007 - 3:52:00 PM

When Detective Nate Darling shows up to investigate a claim about dream interpreter Tabitha March, he doesn't expect a beautiful woman to answer the door, and he certainly doesn't expect her to be on the level. But when one of Tabitha’s clients starts to have dreams about murders that are actually happening Nate knows he’ll need all the help Tabitha can offer to solve the case. The only problem is, spending so much time with Tabitha has Nate’s thoughts on the gorgeous dream interpreter's body and not the case he is trying to solve.

Tabitha March has gathered some unusual clients as a dream interpreter but when one of her clients has a dream about murder, Tabitha will have to team up with the police to find out the truth. Being around someone as handsome as Nate Darling has Tabitha  wanting to spend time with him in the bedroom which isn’t something Tabitha expected after a nasty breakup. The more time she spends with him, the more Tabitha begins to want him around permanently.

Tabitha knows Nate won't take her seriously unless she tells him something about the murder that is not in the paper. Now both she and Darling will have to race against the clock to find out the truth behind this client, before someone else ends up dead.

AROUSING SUSPICIONS is a keeper! Filled with great folklore, a hotter than hot cop, and a villain who will have readers completely creeped out, Marianne Stillings knows how to keep her reader’s attention. 

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