By Michelle
Sep 12, 2006 - 11:46:00 PM

Tired of her lying and cheating ex, Kirsten takes her dog and drives off in a corvette. Where to she doesn’t care as long as she never sees him again. When the gas runs low she is forced to stop at a place called Paradise, a tiny town in the middle of nowhere.

Reid, the local sheriff senses trouble the minute she arrives. A quick check confirms her vehicle is stolen. As a cop it’s his duty to arrest her.


She is livid by the rubdown he gives her to check she doesn’t have any weapons. Ok, maybe not so livid when her treacherous body responds to every touch of his calloused hands.


Reid is shocked by how he reacts to touching her. He steals a kiss, one which Kirsten responds to with abandon. Sense returns to Reid. She is a thief and needs to remain in custody. Problem is she can’t be extradited until Monday, meaning he has to take her to his ranch for the weekend.


I could really connect to these two. Reid and Kirsten are two people who find it difficult to trust anyone. The way they open up to each other is wonderful to watch. Include the great sex and you have a fabulous read on your hands. Just make sure you have something very cool handy.

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