By Tracy Marsac
Jul 22, 2004 - 6:00:00 PM

Kirsten Montgomery is headed for Alabama and as far away as she can get from her ex, Kurt Black, but winds up in paradise...Paradise, Texas that is.  After a miserable three-hour traffic jam, all Kirsten wants is a good night's rest and a fresh start in the morning.  Unfortunately her run of bad luck is about to get worse.  She learns Kurt has cut off her credit cards and has accused her of stealing his car, which was actually a birthday gift to her, putting her at the mercy of hunky Sheriff Reid Walker.


Since his parents' accidental death, Reid has no tolerance for speeders and even less for pampered city girls.  When he runs the tags on her car, he discovers that it's reported stolen and moves in for the arrest.  However, with the town's only jail cell under construction, it leaves him with no choice but to keep her in custody at his isolated ranch house. 

Kirsten tries to explain she's in danger from her drug-dealing ex but gives up when she realizes it's futile with Reid.  It's obvious he's been burned before and doesn't trust himself to believe her.  She has no other option but to escape as soon as possible.  In the meantime, there's no sense in wasting all this incredible passion between them.   

Reid struggles with the fact that he's falling for a thief and a liar until evidence puts her in the clear.  But it may be too late when he finds Kirsten gone and his house ransacked... 

Alyssa Brooks' ARRESTED takes seemingly opposite characters and gives them a fantastic erotic adventure that leads straight to true love!  A wonderful debut story!

This review was originally done when ARRESTED was an ebook - this title has since been rewritten and edited and has been rereleased with Kensington in THE COP anthology.

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