Arresting Abby
By Natasha Smith
Nov 17, 2008 - 2:10:13 PM

Abby has wanted a threesome with her two friends, Zach and Kevin, for months.  Teasing them about her ‘wish’ every time she is with them, she isn’t sure they believe her.  So, for Halloween she is finally going to come out of her shell and reach for what she wants.  When Abby gets pulled over on her way to the party she is attending, she is instantly aroused.  It seems her two best friends might have believed her after all.

Zach and Kevin love each other very much.  They also love Abby.  Having Abby verbally tease them more than once about desiring a ménage, Zach and Kevin finally decide to give her exactly what she wants – a night she will never forget. 


Let me first state that I have NEVER been lucky enough to have had a Halloween celebration quite like Abby.  She is one lucky partygoer, that’s for sure.  Abby’s character is quite likable and realistic.  I could sense the yearning she feels for both men as well as her fear of coming between them.  She doesn’t want to do anything to mess up their relationship with each other but she is also selfish enough to not want to turn down what they are offering.  Which is a good thing, because they offer her pleasure and give it to her in spades.  Or should I say, “Spanks”?


ARRESTING ABBY is blazing hot and will jump start your heart more than once.  Offering risqué love scenes with often no-holds-barred lovemaking and exploration, ARRESTING ABBY is a book I will read again over and over.  Don’t miss it!

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