Arrow's Hell: Wind Dragons MC, Book 2
By pamelalynne
Jun 17, 2015 - 6:25:38 PM

Arrow has loved and lost. He has learned that it is better to never have lasting relationships. Having someone you love in your life puts them at risk. Things are going well until the day Anna walks into the Wind Dragons MC. Arrow wants her from the minute he lays eyes on her, but he is not willing to become seriously involved again, or so he tells himself. Being a brother's (fellow rider's) little sister definitely makes her off limits, but Arrow is not sure how long he can keep away from Anna.

Anna wants Arrow desperately. She knows he avoids her like the plague, but she also senses that he has feelings for her too. Anna wears on Arrow's resistance and things seem to be going well in their newfound relationship. Anna is happy until Arrow tries to sabotage things. She knows that he needs her in his life as much as she wants him. How can she get it into his thick skull that their problems would all be resolved if he would just let go of the past?

Although I have not read the first novel in author Chantal Fernando's WIND DRAGONS MC series, I can say that the second, ARROW'S HELL, is without a doubt, one of the better contemporary romances that I have read this year. In ARROW'S HELL, we meet Arrow, a man with a past. Arrow once had a woman who loved him and that he cared deeply for, but did he not treat her right. He lost her in a gang war and blames himself. Arrow will not go through that hell ever again. Unfortunately for him, Anna gives him no choice. Try as he might, he cannot shake her. When Anna's life is put in danger, despite his attempts at distancing himself from her, Arrow realizes that he is foolish for thinking things could be different. He must learn to forgive himself if he wants to keep Anna in his life forever.

ARROW'S HELL is an emotionally charged novel. If it is any example of how good the WIND DRAGONS MC series is, then I have no doubt this series will be amazing. ARROW'S HELL is good to the very last page. It can be read as a stand-alone, but I do feel that I would know some of the characters a little more if I had read DRAGON'S LAIR first, which I intend to pick up at the earliest opportunity. Ms. Fernando's WIND DRAGONS MC is a series I can get behind.

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