Art of Sensuality
By Chrissy Dionne
Nov 15, 2008 - 1:44:49 PM

Machiko Barrett isn’t your normal young woman.  She has few people skills and even less feminine etiquette.  She’s a charming mix of innocence and boldness to those who are brave enough to attempt to get to know her.  Machiko’s convoluted past contributes greatly to who she is today and she’s tried to leave at that behind but painting is a driving need in her life – unfortunately it’s also what led to her downfall years ago.

Luc Delacroix had been blissfully oblivious to the artistic ability his children’s au pair Machiko has until he discovered her paintings hidden away in a closet.  As a gallery owner he fervently wishes to show her work but as a friend he understands that her past experience makes the exposure undesirable.  Luc lends her the use of his beachside home so that she can paint in peace and work through her emotional turmoil.  She just hadn’t expected one of the neighbors, Caleb Holden, to become such an important part of her life in a relatively short period of time.


Caleb isn’t deterred by Machiko’s standoffish attitude.  He may not know much about her but she can’t hide the passionate woman he believes lurks just beneath the surface.  Caleb is drawn to Machiko as a person but he never imagined that art would be the driving force that gives them common ground – well that and really hot sex.


From the first moment they meet sparks start flying between Caleb and Machiko.  She’s a solitary creature and he disturbs her in ways that she’s not prepared to handle.  She admits to desiring him but he isn’t about to just jump into bed and a sexual relationship – despite his own discomfort.  As they engage in a battle of wills and form a tentative friendship Machiko discovers that learning to trust Caleb with her heart may be one of the most difficult things she’s ever done.  How will he feel when he discovers the truth about who she is and why she’s been ‘hiding’ all these years?


Have you ever wondered about how child prodigies handle fame and the loss of ‘normal’ childhood?  Jax Cassidy’s ART OF SENSUALITY delves into a world rarely visited by ordinary folks.  Machiko’s cut herself off from most human interaction and it’s only because of Caleb’s refusal to leave her alone that she finds a joy in simply being alive.  These characters will capture the readers’ heart as you read about their emotional journey together.   Ms. Cassidy writes about Machiko’s artistry and past in such a way that I was able to visualize each scene and empathize with her.  Caleb’s loving nature and easy acceptance of all Machiko’s quirks couldn’t have been more perfect.  This is one couple whose story kept me entranced through each page and anxious to find out exactly how their relationship plays out – especially since it’s full of so many ups and downs.  ART OF SENSUALITY is a beautiful story full of plenty of passion, angst and pulse pounding action to delight readers.


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