As Good As It Got
By Leigh
Sep 1, 2008 - 2:43:43 PM

Cindy has spent her entire marriage playing by her husband Kevin’s rules, deferring to his opinions on everything from their furniture to the number of children they could have.  She’s tolerated everything – including his infidelities – because they love each other, or so she thought.  Already reeling from the discovery of yet another affair, Cindy is pushed to the brink by Kevin’s announcement that he’s in love with his latest fling and is divorcing Cindy.  Additionally, his helpful mistress has found a camp for Cindy to go to where she can learn to deal with her new situation.

Ann thought she was at the top of her game; she and her husband Paul had successful, lucrative careers, a comfortable lifestyle, and dreams for their retirement.  All of that came crashing down around Ann when she lost her job, her fortune, and Paul took his own life.  Now at forty-three, Ann is back to living with her parents, desperately trying to find work and begin rebuilding her life – and her mother wants her to put everything on hold to attend her old school friend Betsy’s camp for the ‘suddenly single’.


For years Martha has secretly been the real woman behind the man, the true love of a politician who had to marry another woman for his career’s sake.  When her beloved Eldon suffers a stroke and lay in a coma, Martha is despondent.  She can’t risk going to him and having their secrets come to light, nor can she handle not being with the man she’s loved for fifteen years as he lay dying.  When a letter arrives inviting her to Camp Kinsonu, Martha knows in her heart that this is Eldon’s way of helping her deal with her grief.


These three very different women are thrown together as cabin mates at Camp Kinsonu, a place where they can to learn to deal with their grief and become stronger women for it.  None of them are expecting to get anything out of the camp – Cindy knows Kevin will want her back, Ann scoffs at everything, and Martha is too overwhelmed by her loss to care – but the Maine wilderness and each other’s company will force them to confront their relationships with new eyes, for better or for worse.


AS GOOD AS IT GOT is such a warm, fun – and funny – read.  Each of the ladies is in such a hard spot that it would be difficult to not admire the courage and resilience they show just to face each day.  When you add in their often humorous and slightly satirical inner dialogue (particularly Ann), you’ve got a wonderful book that showcases the strength of women.  This title is more ‘women’s fiction’ than straight romance, but still has plenty of emotional appeal as well as an intriguing romantic subplot that will heighten your interest and keep the pages turning.

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