As Hot As It Gets: Out of Uniform Book 10
By Sarah W
Feb 8, 2014 - 7:00:19 PM

Jackson "Texas" Ramsey is ready to settle down and get married. He fully admits it to his guy friends. After all, they cannot tease him too much since they are all settling down too. Jackson has worked hard as a Navy SEAL. He loves his duties and the country he serves but he also wants someone special in his life. A string of awful bad dates finally leads him to that person. Too bad she wants nothing to do with him!

Mia Weldrick takes care of her teenage brother and she works hard as a gardener, hoping a big promotion is coming her way. She has no time in her life for Jackson, or so she says. He just will not take no for an answer and soon, one date leads to another and another. Mia loves being with Jackson but she swears she is not ready for a commitment. Can he make her change her mind?

AS HOT AS IT GETS is the final book in the OUT OF UNIFORM series by Elle Kennedy and it is not to be missed. The things I love about an Elle Kennedy book are here in abundance! The great dialog between the Navy SEALs (this is an author who does male dialog just right!), the seductive love scenes, and the fast-paced storyline make this book a winner. Jackson is a favorite character of mine so I was very excited to see him finally meet the woman for him. Mia goes toe to toe with Jackson and it is sizzling! While I wish Mia had not protested their growing relationship quite so much, I thoroughly enjoyed seeing these two fall in love. Mia realizes quickly that she will have to put her emotions on the line, especially when issues from both their pasts come back to haunt them. And Texas? Well, whatever you've been wishing and hoping for in regards to this character, be prepared to have all expectations exceeded. He is downright dirty and sexy and just the perfect amount of sweet. I was truly happy to see him fall in love with Mia. AS HOT AS IT GETS can be read as a standalone book, as Mia and Jackson's love story definitely commands most of the plot, but the friendships between Jackson and his fellow SEALs are best enjoyed by knowing their background in the other stories. Elle Kennedy, you rocked my world!

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