Asian Dragon

Author: Ana Star

Publisher: Mystic Moon

Release Date: February 2008

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: EBOOK

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Sherrie’s visiting a new nightclub called the ASIAN DRAGON with her friends. They’re all enjoying themselves dancing while indulging in the occasional drink. Sherrie’s not stupid, her sensual movements are attracting attention but what she doesn’t expect is to garner the attention of another woman - or her reaction to Yue’s seduction.

Yue, otherwise known as China, is the daughter of an important businessman and a powerful woman in her own right. She even has two bodyguards to ensure her safety. Yue knows exactly who she is and what she wants and her desire is for the short plump girl with jade eyes - lucky eyes.

After dancing for awhile Sherrie decides to get a drink and is accosted at the bar by a lustful man smelling of alcohol and tobacco. Apparently ‘not interested’ doesn’t register in his mind as a no and he continues to attempt to grope her. Before a nasty scene can ensue a tall, slender Chinese woman intercepts and after a moment the man decides to back down. Sherrie’s thankful for the help but isn’t sure how to handle the other woman’s seductive words or the arousal her casual touch causes. Sherrie tells Yue that she’s straight and only at the nightclub to dance but try as she might she can’t stop her body’s reaction. The club’s soon crowded and too warm and Sherrie and Yue find themselves alone in the restroom and after experiencing her first lesbian kiss there’s no denying that her conceptions about her own sexuality may need reevaluating.

I don’t normally go looking for lesbian love stories but something about this one intrigued me so I gave it a chance. At only eighteen pages ASIAN DRAGON is the perfect length for readers to give an often overlooked genre a chance. Sherrie and Yue’s encounters are decidedly hot and leave you feeling a little wistful. After all only another woman would truly know how to pleasure a woman. A man can only guess. Even though ASIAN DRAGON is short it still contains plenty of storyline to have an emotional impact. Ana Star has several more interesting looking books published at Mystic Moon Press so be sure to check out her other writings.


By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne

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