Ask Me Why anthology
By Jo
Jul 15, 2015 - 10:15:00 PM

ASK ME WHY has four novellas one by each of the authors in their HARMONY, GREEN MOUNTAIN, SOUTHERN BELLE BOOK CLUB, AND DARE ISLAND SERIES respectively!  I've read and enjoyed books by Thomas, Force and Jump and read the HARMONY and GREEN MOUNTAIN SERIES.  I haven't read any books in Jump's SOUTHERN BELLE BOOK CLUB SERIES before and Kantra is a new to me author.

MIDNIGHT BET by Jodi Thomas

MIDNIGHT BET is a nice continuation of the HARMONY SERIES which I've grown to love.  There are nine books so far including a prequel and I have some catching up to do since I haven't read books seven and eight.  In MIDNIGHT BET we are once again reunited with the Mathesons.  This time Rick and Lizzie who are cousins are front and center as they try to solve a mystery of why one of them is on someone's hit list and getting shot out.  They both have unexpected love interests and their love stories are interspersed along with their family history and the mystery.  There are family and friends, heartache, sorrow, strife, differences, tears, hurts, injuries, mystery, animals, laughter and love.  There is nice closure and two happily ever afters in the offing.  I for one am hoping this series continues since there seems to be more story to tell.


YOU'LL BE MINE by Marie Force

YOU'LL BE MINE brought me back to Butler, Vermont and the Abbott family.  This time it's for Cameron and Will's wedding and oh what a wedding it is.  We are reunited with all the Abbott's plus Cameron and Lucy's families.  The stories are interwoven with the Abbott relationships with each other as well as their significant others as well as their parents and grandfather, Emmett.  There is playfulness along with sincerity and seriousness.  There is lots of romance and love along with happiness, tears, loving, reminisces and of course, Fred the Moose!  THE GREEN MOUNTAIN SERIES has captured my interest since book one and I can't wait for the next book in the series, IT'S ONLY LOVE, due out in the fall.  Since there are ten Abbott siblings I'm sure there will be more books to come and more stories to tell and I for one can't wait!



WRAPPED AROUND YOUR FINGER is part of the SOUTHERN BELLE BOOK CLUB SERIES of which WHEN SOMEBODY LOVES YOU is the first book and I will be adding it to my always growing TBR pile.  This is Nick and M.J. or Maggie's story as well as Rachel and J.W.'s since most of the story surrounds their wedding.  Nick and M.J. are each afraid to love and they have a one step forward and at least two steps back approach.  Watching how wary both of them are is heartbreaking at times.  When they're together they are two parts of a whole but when they're apart their friendship gets them through.  There was bonding and reminisces, family and friends, lots of wedding planning, camaraderie, friendships, heartache, sadness, fear, tears, hurt, laughter and happiness.  There are burn up the sheet moments as well as romance and love.  There is nice closure and an unexpected happily ever after with a twist of course but I hope to meet up with them again when the series continues.


CAROLINA HEART by Virginia Kantra

CAROLINA HEART has single mom, Cynthie, and her two daughters and her mom at its core.  She's been unlucky at love more than once and tries to put her girls and herself front and center.  Enter Max who unexpectedly turns her life upside down and is too good to be true and all of a sudden she's juggling so they can spend some time together.  Cynthie's mentor and part time boss while she's studying to be a dental hygienist is a piece of work that no one should have to deal with.  There are family and friends, the Aquarium where Max works and is front and center in the story, heartache, fear, tears, anxiety, laughter, happiness, caring and love.  There was a happily ever after in the offing and nice closure. This was my first venture to Dare Island but it won't be my last.  I will be adding Kantra's other contemporary romances and romantic suspense books to my always growing TBR pile!

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