Assignment: Twins

Author: Leigh Michaels

Publisher: Harlequin Romance

Release Date: March 2005

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: PRINT

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Nikki enjoys the freedom of being single without commitment.  She has a rewarding career and she dates enough to keep her life interesting.  Nevertheless, when her best friend asks her to baby-sit her eleven-month-old twins for the weekend, Nikki hopes she can weather a couple days with the adorable babies.  How much trouble can twins be for just the weekend?

Seth Baxter, the twins' uncle, stops by to fix the dishwasher for their parents.  He doesn't expect the babies' godmother, Nikki, to be there, or for her to try to coerce him to help her.  Circumstances delay the parents' return and now two single people have to figure out how to play family and make the best of an uncomfortable situation.  Can they do this and ignore the attraction that is developing between them, even though their past has been less than cordial?

ASSIGNMENT: TWINS is entertaining with likeable characters that I related to right away.  The eleven-month-old twins enhance the conflict and add many laugh-out-loud moments.  The repartee between Nikki and Seth is quick-witted and the babies just add another fun element.  However, nothing is quite as it seems - with Leigh Michael's usual flare, there are some twists that will keep you guessing.  This is what I love best about Ms. Michael's writing.  She always catches me off guard and takes the characters into a moment of despair that I think they'll never resolve.  This moment took me completely by surprise and really tugged at my heart.

If you like retreating into a familiar world made entertaining by Leigh Michael's creativity, then I highly recommend ASSIGNMENT: TWINS as a great weekend escape.  Leigh Michaels brings to life the sense of family, healing of old wounds and a deep love between the characters in this beautiful, sweet love story.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Dorine Linnen

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