At Wolf Ranch - Montana Men series, book 1

Author: Jennifer Ryan

Publisher: Avon/Harper Collins

Release Date: February 24, 2015

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: PRINT

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Ella Wolf has just watched her twin sister Lela being shot and killed by her evil uncle. Knowing she will be the next in line to be killed before her twenty-fifth birthday, Ella leaves New York and heads for Montana and the Wolf ranch. She knows her sister has some proof of the killings and fraud that her uncle has masterminded, with the help of some dirty cops and officers in her family business. When she arrives in Montana, there is a blizzard and she can't use her credit cards to rent a car because she knows they will be traced. She hires a cab to take her to the closest town to her family ranch. At the diner, the only thing open when she reaches town, she enlists the help of a man who is headed out toward her ranch. After they get out in the country, her driver tries to molest Ella and when she fights him off, he throws her out of his truck into the storm. Knowing she will die in her skimpy clothes, unless she gets help, Ella starts walking even though she has no idea where she is at.

Gabe Bowden, in route back to his ranch from his brother's, about runs Ella down before he can veer over to the other side of the road and stop. Gabe gets out to see what is out in this blizzard and finds Ella unconscious in the snow. He picks her up and takes her to his truck, knowing if he doesn't get her warm and dry she might die. Gabe mistakenly thinks she is Lela Wolf and can't figure out what she is doing out in the weather. Gabe bundles her up in some clothes he has in his truck and takes her into town to the clinic. Ella doesn't want to go for fear someone will recognize her and call the police. She knows her uncle will be searching for her and doesn't want to be found. After the doctor bandages her badly sprained ankle and gives her some pain meds, Gabe decides to take her to his ranch. Ella wants to go to her ranch but Gabe informs her it has been emptied of all the furniture because he has bought the ranch from her uncle.

After a good night's rest, Ella is feeling better, so she gets out of the bed Gabe had placed her in the night before and goes in search of him. Just as she gets to the living room, she sees Gabe watching the news report on the TV about her sister Lela's murder and how the authorities are looking for her. Gabe turns around and wants to know why she never told him who she was and what had happened. Ella tells Gabe about witnessing Lela's murder by her uncle and Ella going on the run to keep him from finding her. Ella also tells Gabe that her uncle can't sell the family ranch without the sisters' signature and that he had been scammed.

Gabe believes Ella and vows to help her find the evidence she needs to prove her uncle's guilt and to help him get his money back. Working together day after day, as well as being snowed in, brings out feelings from both of them that they know they shouldn't pursue but they can't resist their desire for each other. Just a touch or a look makes their bodies hum with sexual awareness. Their bodies want what their minds tell them is not best for the present situation. Gabe will always be a cowboy in Montana and Ella will be a city girl from New York running the family business. What will happen to them after all is put to rights with her uncle is something neither of them want to contemplate.

I enjoyed this story so much and loved the city girl and the former rodeo cowboy. Sometimes things happen to alter how your life plays out either for the good or the bad. This story is sad, exhilarating and keeps you alert to all that is going on with the suspects. I am glad I found this book and will be reading the next book in the series soon. I would love to be the female character in this book and find me a hot cowboy in Montana. I give this book 5 Blue Ribbons on Romance Junkies' website because it believably proves how life may throw up a few road blocks and how to take a different road to find your place to be happy in life.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Diana S

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