Royal Rebels - At His Majesty’s Convenience
By Chrissy Dionne
Jun 19, 2011 - 2:28:49 PM

Andi Blake has given up everything to follow her employer half way across the world but she’s tired of watching him romance the many women jockeying for the position of the next Queen of Ruthenia.  Andi’s decided to tender her resignation and head back to the United States and some semblance of a life free of the ever present desire she feels for Jake.  Unfortunately he’s not willing to accept her decision and she’s terrified that if she stays she’s not going to be able to hide the way she feels about him.

Jake Mondragon has accepted the position as King of Ruthenia and he’s been working feverishly to get the economy back on track.  His efforts mean that he can’t afford to alienate anybody and because of that several women have stepped up their efforts to win his hand in marriage.  He’s never viewed Andi as anything more than his highly efficient personal assistance so her decision to leave has him in a panic.  He’s determined to convince her to stay and when he finds her dancing out on the lawn and discovers that she’s suffering from amnesia he learns that Andi might actually have romantic feelings for him.  Maybe he can find a way to use her loss of memory to his advantage.


Jake isn’t interested in any of the spoiled bratty women who have been clamoring for his attention but he did make a vow to marry before Independence Day and that’s only a week away.   He’s faced with breaking his promise or choosing a wife, the last thing he needs is to worry about losing his right hand woman as well.  When he finds Andi on the lawn he’s stunned by her unguarded interest in him and the revelation that she doesn’t even remember working for him.  She even goes so far as to call him ‘her true love.’  Jake isn’t sure what to make of this ‘new’ Andi but he is sure that losing her is not an option so what better way to ensure she stays with him than marrying his assistant?  Granted he doesn’t know much about her background but at this point neither does she.  What he doesn’t count on is Andi’s frustration with not being able to remember anything about her life and instinctively she knows that something about her supposed relationship with Jake just doesn’t fit.  When Andi does regain her memory she has to decide how she’ll handle the situation: go along with Jake’s scheme and play the happy little bride to be, or… go after the fairy tale ending she desires complete with a man who loves her?


AT HIS MAJESTY’S CONVENIENCE drew me into the storyline right off the bat.  Andi’s irritation with Jake over his complaints about the seating arrangements, since he’s seated next to one of his suitors and worried that another will feel neglected, and her response brought a smile to my face and I couldn’t help but admire her tenacity.  That scene set the perfect tone for this book.  Even after losing her memory Andi’s a charming woman who hasn’t bought into the whole royalty snobbery attitude.  Jake’s deception is an act of desperation but it leads to some humorous and moving situations – especially since he’s starting to see Andi as far more than an employee.  Jennifer Lewis pours plenty of action, passion, angst and even mystery into AT HIS MAJESTY’S CONVENIENCE and leaves readers feeling like the fairy tale really could happen to you.  Plus, with the royal wedding of Prince William and Kate so fresh in everyone’s mind the romanticism of a royal romance is enough to make any woman’s heart skip a beat.  Beautifully written Ms. Lewis. 


Be sure to keep an eye out for Ms. Lewis’ August 2011 release CLAIMING HIS ROYAL HEIR.  I have to admit I love that cover and the blurb certainly grabbed my attention.


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