At His Mercy
By Jolie
Aug 7, 2006 - 6:11:00 AM

Ainsley St.
Clair is shocked when her brother proceeds to bet her in a poker game.  Stunned at her brother’s betrayal, Ainsley puts up a fight when he abandons her with a complete stranger.  A stranger that Ainsley can’t help but notice has handsome looks and a jaw-dropping physique.  But in her mind, only an unscrupulous and devious man would take such a bet.  Now at his mercy, Ainsley is unaware that the stranger has ulterior motives.

As a CIA operative, Jace Sheridan will do anything to stop the slave traders who are selling American women in South America.  He’ll even accept one woman as the prize money in a poker game; especially when her lowlife brother is one of the strategic players in the slavery ring.  With so much at stake, Jace needs to keep his mind on the operation.  Jace doesn’t anticipate falling hard for his lovely “winnings,” but sometimes the heart has a plan of its own.  And when the final act plays out and the trap is sprung, will Ainsley forgive him for his role in using her as the bait?  Will he forgive himself?
AT HIS MERCY is a wild ride that has as many dips and turns as a rollercoaster!  The book pulled me in so fast that I was lost in Ms. Linn’s imagination before I knew it.  Jace is a lust-worthy hero who battles his conscience for embroiling Ainsley in his deadly serious operation.  His protective instincts are screaming at him even while he plans for the downfall of his enemy.  I found myself both sympathizing with his internal struggle and cheering on his seduction of Ainsley.  The two main characters generate plenty of steam in hot and erotically exciting love scenes.  I will definitely be on the lookout for more by Ms. Linn.  I can only hope that some of the other CIA operatives will be granted a story of their own!

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