At The River's Edge - The Chesapeake Diaries series
By Diana S
Mar 19, 2014 - 8:00:00 AM

Sophie Enright is a lawyer in a DA’s office. She thinks she is happy with her life until her boyfriend, of two years, is caught by her in a compromising position in his car with another woman. Sophie decides she needs some time away so she heads to St. Dennis, Maryland, to visit her brother.

Jason Bowers is a landscaper who has moved from Florida to St. Dennis to be close to his brother’s widow and his nephew. They are the only family he has left. Jason is sure he will never feel like settling down and having a family.


Sophie decides to stay and work with her brother Jesse in the family law offices. But Sophie feels there is something she needs to be doing. She decides to buy an old building down by the river, where she plans to open a restaurant.


Jason has bought the land next door to the building Sophie has bought, with the idea of buying that same building for his plant store. When Jason finds out, he blows up at her and puts a damper on their budding relationship.


With Jesse’s wedding and his family showing up, Sophie is too busy to worry about the spat she had with Jason. Maybe a little herbal help from her grandmother’s friend will do the trick.


This is a heartwarming story of family, both past and present, and how a small family comes together to help their neighbors. I totally enjoyed this book and hope everyone who likes good reads will give it a try.

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