At Their Command
By Chrissy Dionne
Jun 11, 2013 - 5:46:12 AM

Hope isn’t a Grinch, far from it, she loves the holidays but nonstop Christmas carols for months on end is a bit much for anyone to take.  Throw in a healthy dose of sexual frustration and it’s a wonder she can concentrate on anything.  She took a job at a local university following her father’s heart attack which put her back in close proximity to her longtime crush Ethan St. Claire.  While she might appear to be the respectable bookish teacher whose nose is always buried in a book there’s a wealth of womanly desire there just waiting to be revealed.

Ethan has had a huge crush on Hope since their teenage years but as the resident bad boy he never felt he could sully her reputation by making his desires known.  With their childhood years way behind him and now a respectable business owner, he’s about to pull out all the stops and show Hope exactly what she’s been missing – and once he learns about her deep, dark naughty fantasy of engaging in a ménage with his best friend Dominic he’s determined to give her exactly what she wants – but she better understand that in the end she belongs to him alone.


Who hasn’t dreamed of finally garnering the attention of the boy who captured all those romantic desires as a teenager?  In Scarlet Sanderson’s AT THEIR COMMAND Hope gets to live out the fantasy of finally getting to experience Ethan’s loving firsthand – and it was well worth the wait.  I loved the sexual tension between Ethan and Hope.  Even though this is a quickie read the author does a beautiful job bringing the characters to life with realistic emotions so that you can live vicariously through their encounter – especially when he surprises her with her desire for a ménage.  Since BEG ME is a quickie read there’s not a whole lot of ‘getting to know you’ moments, instead it jumps right into the sexual tension and delivers a satisfying story you can read in a very short period of time.  However, even after putting down the story I have to confess I’m curious about Dominic now so will definitely be picking up a copy of WICKED GAMES to find out more about him. 


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