Au Naturel
By Jenn L
Feb 19, 2008 - 8:59:38 AM

Sometimes the first step to healing the body begins with healing the heart.   For Reba Dailey, life was what she made it.   Sure it was lonely, working her way to the top, but she thought she’d have time for love and a life after her success.   Unfortunately, fate and her weak heart had other plans.  

Now she faces her biggest challenge ever, she can't go back to her previous life, Reba must start again. Weak and financially strained, this once powerful ad executive will discover who she is and what she wants to do with the rest of her life.


Todd Thorpe lost his faith in modern medicine and has sought out his own healing ways.   As he built his business, he never forgot the one scorching kiss he and Reba shared years ago.   As the owner of Healing Hands, he knows what Reba needs.   Him.   And Todd intends to teach her how to heal her body and soul...   one pleasure-filled night at a time.  


Once again Mary Winter delivers a romance with an emotional core that touches her readers and brings them to tears. Reba Dailey is a heroine of great strength and incredible courage. She's a survivor, a fighter and a woman of exceptional character. You cannot help but love Reba as she struggles to find her way.


AU NATUREL is a novel of survival, acceptance, and a love that is powerfully pure. In Todd Ms. Winter has created a man with outstanding healing skills and an unlimited supply of compassion and love. His love of Reba never wavers and is balanced with his need to see her well, both physically as well as spiritually.


AU NATUREL is a must-have novel for all of Mary Winter's fans, just be sure to keep the tissues handy; you are going to need them.

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