Men of August - August Heat
By Tara James
Jan 29, 2004 - 5:29:00 AM

The heartwarming conclusion to the August series visits Cade, Brock and Sam after the birth of Cade and Marly's son. With the danger past the three couples have started to work towards creating a family lives of their own. Brock and Sarah, Sam and Heather, and Marly and Cade have been working towards healing the horrors of their past. Scared by a horrifying sexual deviant Cade, Brock and Sam have found salvation in the women who love them. But how much longer will their wives put up with their sexual brand of healing.

For the past few years the three couples have struggled to come to terms with the unique brand of sexuality the brothers have developed in order to survive the horrors of their youth. Although, Marly, Sarah and Heather understand the need, they have had enough. With the birth of Marly's son, the women decide to make a few changes in the August household. Together they are determined to push Cade, Brock and Sam into the final stage of healing whether they want it or not. Suddenly the game is on and in this game of sexual dominance there can be only one winning side. Or can there?


In this holiday short story, Lora Leigh offers the gift of hope and healing to the August brothers and their wives. Blessed with finding women willing to love them through anything, the brothers are finally able to find peace with their past and love in their future. Lora Leigh, once again brings these troubled characters to life with a humanity and vulnerability that touches the reader and leaves them wanting more. Although, it is necessary to have read the previous three books, AUGUST HEAT is a superb conclusion to a wonderful, heart-breaking and thoroughly HOT series.

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