Aunt Penelope's Harem

Author: Chris Tanglen

Publisher: Ellora's Cave

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Format: EBOOK

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Melanie Clover couldn't believe that her Aunt Penelope was really dead. She had always been so vibrant and full of life it just didn't seem possible. She knew that she and Gretchen, Aunt Penelope's daughter, were the only two living relatives so she wasn't too surprised to find out that she had been included in the will, as Penelope had been a very wealthy woman.

When the lawyer tells her that she been left $100,000.00 she is very excited. She thinks that finally she can take a real vacation and pay all of her bills, but when the lawyer goes on to say that she has also inherited her home and all of her material possessions she is shocked. Gretchen is also shocked and furious and vows to hire a lawyer and contest the will. When Melanie moves into the mansion that has been left to her she receives another shock when she discovers that Penelope's "material possessions" includes a harem of eight of the most gorgeous, sexy, virile men she has ever imagined.

She is very shocked and really has no plans to put the harem to use. But when her friend Dawn comes to visit she has no qualms whatsoever about using them. Melanie finds it harder and harder to resist the pleasure that she sees Dawn experiencing but she really only wants Carl. She questions the wisdom of falling for a man who makes his living working in a harem. However, she soon realizes that she has bigger problems to deal with when Gretchen tells her that she has had a hidden camera in the harem filming everything and is going to use that to get the house away from Melanie.

This was a very steamy, sexy, book. Chris Tanglen takes an idea that is every man's fantasy and turns it around into a woman's fantasy come true. I really liked the way that the men were each given their own unique personality and the contrast between Dawn and Melanie added a definite zip to the story as well. If you like them sizzling hot you're going to love this one.

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