Aussie Rules

Author: Jill Shalvis

Publisher: Brava Kensington

Release Date: June 2006

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: PRINT

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Melanie Anderson has been passionate about airplanes and flying for most of her life.  She's thrilled to be able to earn a living doing what she loves.  Mel owns and operates a small charter service out of North Beach Airport.  She manages the airport, too.  It earns her a reduction in rent, and it helps out the airport's owner, Mel's good friend Sally.  Although there's plenty of room for improvement, especially from a financial standpoint, Mel loves her job, the airport, and the people who work there.  But Mel has been keeping a very big secret.

When Bo Black shows up out of the blue one day, Mel wonders if keeping that secret has been a huge mistake.  She hasn't seen Bo in ten years, not since he and his con artist of a father forever changed the lives of everyone at North Beach Airport.  Mel was sixteen and infatuated by his good looks and Australian charm, but the eighteen-year-old Bo had his choice of willing partners.  Mel was certainly willing, but she wasn't Bo's choice.  What on earth is he doing at her airport?


Bo Black holds the deed to North Beach Airport.  He has plenty to say to the former owner, who also happens to be the woman who swindled his father out of nearly everything he owned.  His father has been dead ten long years, but Bo only recently realized the deed was part of his inheritance.  The value of the airport is nothing compared to what his father lost, but Bo wants to talk to the lying, cheating thief face to face.  Why is Mel stonewalling him?  Was she a part of the scam all along?  And why is everyone acting like Bo and his father are some kind of villains?


Mel is determined to prove that Bo's lease is bogus.  And she absolutely has to stay far, far away from Bo before she does something she'll regret.  Bo isn't a handsome, charming teenager any more.  He's devastatingly gorgeous, and he's all man.  And even if he weren't a threat to her livelihood, she couldn't possibly risk falling in love with him.  She's sure he plans to head back to Australia as soon as the whole mess is cleared up.  But Bo isn't giving up.  How long can Mel resist him?


AUSSIE RULES took me back to a time in my life when I was learning to fly a small plane at a tiny airport.  There wasn't a gorgeous Australian taking over the place, but there were certainly plenty of people who were completely devoted to flying.  What fun to read about Mel and her passion for airplanes.  I could almost imagine Bo's sexy Australian accent as I turned the pages.  Even though Mel and Bo believed they had good reasons for their mutual distrust, I hoped they would make the effort to listen to each other instead of jumping to conclusions.  Stubbornness and loyalty can get in the way of truth sometimes!  As always, Jill Shalvis does an excellent job of creating a wonderful supporting cast to keep things lively.  Best of all, whenever Bo and Mel are together, the pages practically sizzle.  Keep plenty of ice cubes handy.  You're going to need them.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Alane

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