Autumn Blue

Author: Karen Harter

Publisher: Center Street

Release Date: March 2007

Blue Ribbon Rating: 3.5

Format: PRINT

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A single mother raising a teenaged son and two pre-teen daughters, Sidney Walker struggles to keep all the balls of life in the air.  But somewhere along the line she feels she dropped the ball with her son, Tyson.  Ty has become a sullen and angry young man she doesn’t recognize.  Sidney realizes how far gone Ty is when he’s arrested for attempted armed robbery.  Out on parole and awaiting trial, Ty gets in a fight at school.  Fearing he’ll be sent to jail for the transgression, he runs away.  When he is finally found over a week later, his future looks bleak – jail time is almost a certainty, and Sidney is praying for a miracle.


Retired, widowed, Millard Bradbury has settled into a life of predictability and habit.  His daughter’s weekly visits have become a chore, making him feel old and useless.  A chance encounter with Sidney Walker sows the seeds of a tentative friendship, and fills him in on his new neighbor’s problems.  When car trouble forces Sidney to ask Millard for a ride to Ty’s trial, the simple favor shakes up his orderly life.


The Walker’s lawyer works some magic, and the judge agrees to house arrest and community service.  But with Sidney working full time, and Ty suspended from school, someone is needed to monitor Ty at all times.  Millard finds himself volunteering to be that someone.  Deputy Alex Estrada volunteers to supervise Ty’s community service.  Any mistakes from Ty, and he will serve out his sentence in jail.


As the weeks of Ty’s sentence pass, Sidney reflects on what she and her children need, and prays for God’s guidance.  Ty becomes the thread that links Sidney, Millard, and Alex, and the catalyst that brings about a renewal in their faith in God and ability to forgive.


AUTUMN BLUE is a warm and touching story of family and faith.  As an inspirational novel, it does its job well, bringing you into a situation that seems hopeless, and showing the path to hope and redemption with some timely divine intervention.  There is a romance wound into the story, but a major emphasis was on the characters finding a place for God and forgiveness in their lives.  Ms. Harter provides her readers with an engaging tale that will warm their hearts.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Leigh

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