Awakening Beauty

Author: Amy J. Fetzer

Publisher: Silhouette Desire

Release Date: November, 2003

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: print

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She has been in disguise for nearly two years, hiding from a scandal brought upon her family by a man who claimed to love her.   Dan Jacobs also claimed to be a photographer, but that was a lie, too.  In reality he’s a reporter who wanted an insider’s look at her family, hoping to uncover a scandal or invent one if he has to.  Dan’s false allegations against her family have ruined her promising career as a fashion designer and brought the family’s winery under undeserved scrutiny.  To protect them all, heiress Elaina Honora Giovanni sacrificed everything to become Lane Douglas and begin a simple new life away from the spotlight.

Lane owns a bookstore in the small town of Bradford, SC but she hardly knows anyone in town. That changes when Tyler McKay loses control of his sports car on a slippery road and plows into Lane’s parked car.  Ty is a member of the most wealthy and influential family in town.  Handsome, magnetic and rich, he’s used to women falling over themselves for the chance to be with him.  Lane seems to be immune to his easy charm and devastating good looks.  She wears frumpy clothes and she’s not the most sociable woman he’s ever met, but Ty can’t stop thinking about her.  He thinks Lane needs to be more involved in the community, and he starts by charming her into helping with a school pageant.  It’s not just an excuse to spend time with her; he genuinely cares about the town and about Lane.  The more he gets to know her, the more time he wants to spend with her.  She’s an enigma and nothing like the typical gold digger he usually meets.  He’s been wary of involvement with a woman ever since he discovered that his fiancée was only interested in Ty because he was a McKay, not in Ty the man.

Lane is not having an easy time convincing herself - or Ty - that she isn’t interested in him.  The chemistry between them is strong and she’s been alone for a long time.  But she’s still hiding from Dan Jacobs and can’t risk being in a relationship, particularly one with someone as well-known as Ty.  And what will Ty do when he discovers that she isn’t Lane Douglas at all?

Ty and Lane have both been hurt in the past, despite their wealthy backgrounds.  It’s wonderful to watch as they gradually begin to trust again, thanks to their developing relationship.  Lane is running in place and won’t be able to move forward with her life until she stops hiding and faces her problems.  One of my favorite aspects of this story is the way Ty refuses to give up on Lane, persisting until she begins to participate in life again.  AWAKENING BEAUTY tends more toward sweet than steamy, but there’s no shortage of heat between Lane and Ty.  It’s a romantic story that left me smiling. 


By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Alane

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