Awakening Desires: Capturing Carly
By Chrissy Dionne
Dec 1, 2005 - 5:31:00 AM

Nathan Connors works as a police officer. He’s dominant and protective of his loved ones, especially when it comes to his sister's best friend, Carly. Nathan’s desired her for years. He’s so sure of his feelings for Carly that he insisted on becoming engaged the very first night they slept together. Nathan hasn’t fully explained to Carly about just how dominant he is though and worries about how she’ll react once she knows.

Carly Ames runs her family’s diner. She’s a petite, fireball of an independent woman, who's deeply in love with Nathan. Carly also realizes that he’s sexually more demanding than most men which causes her to fear that she won’t be everything he needs in a wife. To top it all off, with her best friend being Nathan’s sister, she feels alone in her fears and has nobody to confide in about them.

Nathan and Carly had a whirlwind courtship. Because of Carly’s friendship with Erin, Nathan didn’t act on his attraction to Carly until the night he came pounding on her door looking for his sister. That same night, they were engaged. Nathan knows that in order to for him to be sexually satisfied he needs to be in charge of his woman’s sexual pleasure. He can sense that it makes Carly uneasy letting him take control. He’s a bit nervous about that but he’s working on easing her into his brand of D/s. With a little more than a month until the wedding, he has time to ensure she’s comfortable with accepting his sexual needs. One thing after another conspires to keep Nathan and Carly from having any alone time. A flu virus ensures that they both work more than normal, Erin and Abel’s wedding, Carly’s parents staying with her for the month, and of course, their own wedding preparations all combine to make it impossible for Carly and Nathan to have a single minute alone.

A little more than two weeks since the last time they’d been physically together, Carly is doing her best to ignore the stares of the group of seasonal workers, and their veiled insinuations. While Carly was hurrying to fill one of the regular customer's coffee, one of the men in the group had the nerve to grab Carly's nether region. Startled, she sloshed coffee on her hand. Nathan witnessed the incident and took it upon himself to handle the men. Carly takes exception with his highhandedness, she needs to handle some situations for herself and it hurts her pride and self respect to have him stepping in and fixing everything for her. When Nathan mentions that he has a couple of hours off and asks if she’d like to go somewhere for lunch, Carly is filled with anticipation. Her mother arrives in the diner and once again they have no time alone because Carly has to have her final fitting for her wedding dress. Every single time there has been any kind of opportunity for Nathan to be with Carly something has kept them apart. Nathan’s fed up and Carly’s not looking very happy either. Maybe it’s time for Nathan to snatch Carly away from it all for a weekend she won’t forget and introduce her to the wonders of being under his control sexually.

CAPTURING CARLY is the third book in the AWAKENING DESIRES series. The characters are fun and down to earth people that you can easily imagine knowing in reality. While I easily understand Nathan’s need for control and desire to protect his loved ones, I also understand Carly’s need to maintain her independence. She’s willing to allow him control of their sex life but needs to keep a part of her life where she’s in control as well. CAPTURING CARLY is a perfect addition to this very fun series. It contains the perfect blend of D/s, angst, lovable characters, and very hot sex scenes. This is definitely a book to add to the keeper shelf.

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