Awakening Desires: Craving Candy
By Sarah W
Jan 8, 2007 - 12:03:00 PM

Candace “don’t call me Candy” Logan is on a mission to get talented chef Lucas Squires to finally sit down and talk about publicity for his recent cookbook with her. Unfortunately, he is avoiding her calls like the plague, so she decides to attend the reopening of his coffee shop, Coffee Breaks. She is looking for Lucas Squires in the crowd when she meets a very sexy stranger.

It is his dream woman. That is the first thought Lucas has when he lays eyes on Candy. The heat escalates quickly between them and soon they are burning up his kitchen with their sexy kisses and touches. Unfortunately, the flame is doused when reality interferes and Candy learns the name of her mystery man. It is Lucas Squires. The client she is supposed to be representing.

But Lucas is not about to let her erect walls between them. He is not all that interested in the cookbook to begin with so it is certainly not going to stop him from CRAVING CANDY.

It is only appropriate that Lucas is an excellent cook because he certainly knows how to turn up the heat. Lucas and Candy have combustible chemistry but they also connect on a deeper level. In spite of some of the important secrets they hide, Lucas and Candy still manage to explore an emotional connection. Candy has a very professional personality but when in Lucas’ hands, her more feisty and fun-loving side comes out. I could not help thinking they were really good for each other because they brought out each other’s more relaxed natures. Lucas is of course a wickedly decadent man. But his past plays a big part in this book and will certainly keep readers intrigued. CRAVING CANDY left me craving more of N.J. Walters’ fabulous and sexy stories.

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